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Healing Hands

I want to set up Healing Hands where we as humans take up our important role as the custodians/managers of this earth and ecosystem we live in. Humans are to be the managers of this earth ecosystem-the environment we live in. It was never our destiny to be the destroyers of this earth. We are to be the preservers and managers of this earth for generations to come. Our earth and earth ecosystem/environment has become sick because of greedy people who are part of big multi-national conglomerates who are destroying our earth, environment, ecosystems and ultimately every human on this earth, all in the name of greed. We need to reach out with healing hands to restore that which is in need of healing. IT IS NOT TOO LATE IF WE ACT NOW!

I want to set up Healing Hands as a place where people can learn things like environmental health, earth health, species health and ultimately every human's health. I want to teach soil health through Regenerative Agriculture, Organic and poison free farming. These are all wholistic health principles, that involve all that live on this earth. EDUCATION IS THE KEY!

The problem we are facing at the moment is that big multi-national conglomerates are taking over the world’s food bowl. They are destroying a major part of our earth by their big dangerous farming practices. They have no regard for the environment, soil health, air health and ultimately every person's health. They use poisons on the earth that poison the earth's ecosystem for years to come. They are the major contributors of taking carbon dioxide from the ground where it is benificial and adding it into the atmostphere which is causing environmental damage. These conglomerates are the major contributors of causing climate changes all around the world. These conglomerates divert the blame of these disasters on other causes that although bad are nothing compared to the disaster and damage that these conglomerates themselves are causing to our environment and earth's ecosystem by harmful farming practices.  The way to fight these congomerates is to educate people of the benefits of healthy farming practices. We as a people need to support those who are doing things right for our environment and overall health of our earth.

People can ignorantly talk about saving the planet, the destruction of the ozone layer and carbon emissions, but forget about the everyday things that each of us can do that improve environmental and earth health. WE AS INDIVIDUALS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! 

I want to have Healing Hands as a place where we learn how to heal our soil and ecosystem we live in. Healing Hands will be a place where we grow organic poison free food and connect back to nature in a more natural stress-free way. If everyone did the things in their individual power, we could make a huge change world-wide. I am very passionate about educating this generation and the one to come on practical means how to restore and heal that which we have damaged and lost. I am very passionate about teaching  regenerative agriculture, which means improving the land to be more sustainable and healthier for this generation and the generations to come.

Regenative agriculture and Organic agriculture are the greatest ways we can take harmful carbon dioxide from the atmostpher and put it back into the earth where it has the greatest value. My goal is to leave my patch of earth in a better way then when I found it. I have done this in a small way for myself and family’s personal needs for many years, but I want to offer Healing Hands as a means where it is done on a larger community scale. I want Healing Hands to be a place where people can learn the natural process of environmental earth health, and then reproduce it in their patch of land so it becomes a cell-growth effect and grows exponentially both locally, nationally and hopefully world-wide, until we effect a major part of the earth.

Healing Hands will be a place where people can connect back to nature by being active participants in nature. People have lost what is means to be part of nature, that is why we have so much abuse of nature and the environment we live in. Every person has a role to play in the health and preservation of this earth which we call home. We need to remember that we have one earth that sustains every living organism. Unhealthy earth, unhealthy humans. No earth, no us, I can't make is any clearer! Abuse this earth then we and the next generations will suffer. We need to take responsibility for earth health instead of relying on world governments who may not have its best interests at heart. I say again EACH INDIVIDUAL CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Support those that are helpiing you. Support the local farmer! Support the local shops who sell local food. Support the educators who want to make a healthier earth.

If you would like to get in contact with me to talk some more regarding this dream/vision please call me.

Ph 0432162988. Email:


Tim Jerome

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