Reasons for standing are these:

Wide Bay deserves better then what we have had in the past years. What we have had in the past are professional politicians who have done nothing for this region. These professional politicians get elected because they belong to a big Political Party and people foolishly vote for them for this reason. The facts are Donald Duck or Micky Mouse could stand for these major parties and people would vote for them, rather then a hard working person.  For change to happen people need to change their thinking. To put it simply; I believe the Major political parties have sold us short and are treating us like fools.

The Wide Bay has untapped potential for tourism; rural industries and small business enterprises, just to name a few. The problem has been we have not had the right leadership within Government to drive these industries in the right direction.

What we have had in the past are those that are in it for the position and the money.

Because we have had politicians who sit on their bums, our hospitals and health care providers are diminishing; jobs are leaving the region and we are not keeping in par with the bigger towns and cities around us that are prospering.  

I believe I have the driving force and motivation to make this Region prosper while keeping the country feel that we all love about this place.


Tim Jerome