Reasons for running are these:
1. I offer a different leadership style than the currant Mayor. I am putting my hand up to offer a leadership style that is holistic for the whole of the region.. It's not just about the basics like roads, rubbish and rates; these areas are essential services and will be my first priority. But!!! For a community to grow it needs to grow holistically. You need to be thinking outside the box.  

I believe leadership is just that, leading by example. My leadership will be more community based and Council backed. I want to see things like community run farms and community run markets. I want to see community partnership being fostered within the community.

I believe Council should lead the way in fostering community partnerships. I believe council should be supporting the local community in things like employing local employees; getting local contractors and businesses to do council work. Money needs to stay within the community. If we keep money within the local area it will benefit the locals. 

I believe there are keys that I can implement in the Gympie region that I have used in my own private life and keys that I advice small businesses to use that will prosper and make this Region grow holistically in all areas of life.

What can I bring to the table:
1. I have no allegiance to any group within the current council oversight.
2. My aim will be to communicate to the whole of Gympie residents to allow them to make an informed decision of what I stand for and what direction we want to see Gympie moving forward.

3. With my past experience working on the land (farming and grazing), I have an understanding of what is needed to support those on the land. My aim will be to support these industries to prosper and make us again the town that is built on the back of primary producers and all the subsidiaries’ that benefit from these industries.
4. I believe small businesses are the backbone of any community. I have made it my aim and will continue to make it a priority to communicate with small business owners to ask their thoughts of how we can make things better and be more productive. 
5. I have worked as a School teacher for the past 17 years and ran a successful business advisory service for rural and small business. I have experience in maths, economics and how to handle budgets. I believe by my understanding of budgets and economics that the current path council is on, is not a good one.
6. I have worked as a senior teacher and have had to deal with parents, students and outside community members to bring about harmony relationships and partnerships. I believe this is what is lacking with the current leadership.
7. I am a hands-on person. The best way to find out how a business is going or if they want assistance is to go to them and talk personally one on one. 
8. My wife and I have a small business ourselves. So, I know how hard it is at the moment with the financial crisis that we are facing locally and Nationally. I am totally aware and can sympathise that people are doing it hard at the moment. My aim will be to lessen the financial burden placed on pensioners and those doing it tough. 
9. The key for this council is to stay out of big debt. This current council’s mentality of spending big is not the right path that we should be taking at the moment, especially with what is happening nationally and globally financially. Council should exist for the support of the people within its bounds. People should not exist to prop up a council because of financial mismanagement of its leadership.
10. Personally, I am debt free. I have lived by the mentality of “if you have not got it then you don’t spend it” and “you should save on the little things so you can buy the big things”. I don’t say this to boast but I believe a leader should have good money sense because if you cannot look after your own finances than you should not be responsible with other people’s finances. 
11. In the last Federal election I put my time, money and effort where my mouth is, I will be doing the same with this local election and once elected I will put my heart and soul in the privilege of being leader of this great region.
12. As future Mayor I would hope that those who are thinking of running as councillors will do so with a desire to work full-time at their positions, unlike most of the current councillors who are working part-time at their council jobs. Considering a councillor is on over $82,000 a year and the Dep Mayor is on over $95,000 gross a year; I think the public deserves better and more. This would be my expectation as well.

I therefore I ask for the privilege to lead this great region from the 2020 elections.
Cheers Tim Jerome

© 2017 by Jo Jerome. All rights reserved

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