Reasons for standing are these:

We need a total overhaul of the political system in this country. I like many others can see that what is taking place in this country that we call home is not working, and never can work because it is based on a faulty system. A few examples of this is we pay former politicians including former Prime Ministers literally millions of dollars for the rest of their life even when they are re-employed in other high paying jobs; this practice is unsustainable and unrealistic. The general public know this is wrong but are powerless to do anything about it. These practices continue because previous and current politicians have made and passed laws to benefit themselves and they are now a law to themselves.

  • We need to have more people initiated referendums and reforms. 

  • This country needs to run from the bottom up, instead of the top down that is happening now.

  • The tax system needs to be fair for middle to lower income earners. Housing needs to be attainable and affordable for all Australians. Australian families should be able to live comfortably on one income as was the case in early times.

  • Australia is one of richest countries in resources, position and suitability of any country around the world, yet the general public are mostly living in poverty and a hand to mouth existence which is getting worse every year.

  • We are in a financial crisis at the present, we have the very rich and we have the middle to lower income earners that are struggling each week to pay for the basics. Aged care and people on disability are suffering because of a lack of funding, I have a plan for this that goes in detail how we can fix the problem. Please get in contact for a full detailed how we can fix the problem.

  • We are in a housing crisis at the present that has been caused by this government's poor money management.

  • This government have cause hyper-inflation because they have printed money which has flowed upwards and borrowed against speculation and empty space, and got us into debt which will be impossible to repay.

  • This government have sold our country to foreign powers and made us subservient for generations to come.   

I want to be part of the solution that can fix these problems and turn this country around for good.  

I believe I have the driving force and motivation to make this Region prosper while still keeping the country feel that we all love about our regions. I ask for the chance to make a change for good and right and be your voice in parliament. 

Warm greetings 

Tim Jerome