Small business is the heart or life blood of any community. Small businesses are one of the biggest employers in our Region. Small businesses are dying and leaving our region. The reason or this is lack of get up and go from past members. The problem when Major Party members are elected they do nothing as there is no accountability. These past members have no motive for doing anything because people have voted the same way for many years.



1. I am a big believer in getting off your backside and making things happen. You just don’t sit back and hope new businesses will come to our region or that businesses in our region will hopefully do well. As a leader you have to get off your backside and make it happen.

2. My office in town will be a link-pin between businesses, myself and the community.

3. As leader of this region my aim will be to make sure I do my part in eliminating the red and green tape so businesses can function smoothly within this region. You do this by communication; you do this by political and community pressure.

4. I have key contacts with people whose job it is grow businesses. Businesses just don’t grow by chance. I have worked in the field of business advisory and have made key relationships with those who teach and mentor small business owners. I will utilise these people to grow and attract new business to our region.

5. We have the right base for growth. We have cheap housing. We are in the right location being close to the Sunshine coast and Brisbane. It will just take the right leadership to make it happen.

6.The potential for growth in our area is immense. I will be pushing for business growth in our region. With the business growth will come the other necessities like more medical practitioners and bigger shopping centres and essential service providers.