Government and laws need to be based on treating people with respect. That means respecting everyone’s rights and freedoms. This is something very important to me and something that I will always uphold and fight for. This country was founded on upholding the individual’s rights and freedoms. Laws that we live by need to be fair and just. I believe we all need to live by one law. The law should not be administered discriminately by how much money you have or don’t have. It should not be administered by the colour of your skin or your ethnicity. 





1. I will always fight for the rights of the individual in parliament especially when laws are discussed and are to be amended or upheld.

2. Informing and working with the media I believe is a great tool in bringing about change and making government accountable.

3. I will seek the advice of the community and vote accordingly, before making decisions that affect the community.

4. I will make my phone accessible to the individual. My philosophy is no issue should be too small or too insignificant.

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