It is important that this region gets a fair share of taxpayer money from the State government to maintain our State roads and bridges. When it comes to investment in roads, regional QLD gets a raw deal. Many regional communities live with inadequate, degraded and unsafe roads in their communities. Governments have failed to plan for and invest in regional roads with motorists and the transport sector paying the price. With inadequate regional public transport most regional motorist drive vast distances and long periods of time. This brings with it the issue of fatigue and an increase risk of an accident. Where rest stops do exist, they are often in poor condition, lack basic amenities and are sporadically situated. Further, with the increase in the popularity of caravans and motor homes, it is even more important that adequate facilities are provided to support regional tourism, particularly during peak holiday periods.



1. Get road projects started! I will advocate for an immediate review of regional road projects to identify and prioritise key projects such as bypasses, bridges and multi-lane upgrades.

2. Advocate for a greater share of road funding to be allocated to regional QLD.

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