Regenerative agriculture is similar to organic farming but goes one step future. Regenerative agriculture is about improving the soil health. If you improve the soil, then you improve the health of things growing in the soil and ultimately the health of those who eat what is grown in the soil. Regenerative agriculture allows more carbon to be taken back from the atmosphere and put back into the soil. Regenerative agriculture is about leaving the land better then when you found it or occupied it for future generations to come.

Regenerative agriculture uses practices like mulching, rotational grazing, rotational crops, permaculture and other practices to improve soil composition and soil health.

The Wide Bay region lends itself to regenerative agriculture as we have a lot of small farms and smaller rural land acreages and a high rainfall.

Regenerative agriculture is an untapped financial enterprise that has not had the leadership or knowhow to benefit this region.



1. At the last local election green waste was bandied around. As of yet nothing has transpired within local government. It would be my aim to make this a reality. Things just don’t happen by chance; Instead you have to push and put effort into things to make them a reality.

2. There is money available from State and Federal for things like better agricultural practices that help the environment. Leadership is about getting off your backside and making it happen. This would be a priority for our environment and creating wealth for our region.

3. Education is important to explain the benefits of regenerative agriculture and how to educate landowners how to get the grants and financial incentives available. I would provide education times to educate the region how to make this a reality.

4. Leadership is about leading by example. I have used regenerative agriculture practices for years; I am very passionate about this area as I am big into person health and the health of a community. I have key connections who are experts in this field. It would be my aim to utilise this expertise to make connections within our region to prosper our whole region.