We are fast becoming a Nanny State. Too much government control and inventing of new laws is fast becoming the new norm. The main ones who are benefiting with these new laws are lawyers and judges. (It is interesting that a lot of those in parliament are ex lawyers and legal people).

Political correctness has gone totally wrong. Once issues become law it is hard to reverse the cycle. If we don’t stem the tide, we are going to become a country like China where the people have no rights at all, and people are controlled totally by the government.



1. My first course of action will be to stem the tide. Stop the introduction of new laws and by-laws which are not the will of most Australians.

2. My second course of action is to push for a Citizen Initiated referenda. This way power is given back to the citizens/people of this country to have their say on issues before they become law. This will also take the control away from a few politicians that have hidden agendas and have been bought by outside influences.