Across Australia, Indigenous rangers and Indigenous protected areas are delivering results for the benefit of every Australian. Rangers protect irreplaceable cultural sites, tackle feral animals and invasive weeds, monitor threatened species, and limit destructive bushfires. At the same time, the transformative effect of meaningful work is delivering role models, careers, and business opportunities in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

But Australia is vast, and the threats to Country are growing. That’s why we need more Indigenous rangers and greater funding for Indigenous protected areas to heal Country now and into the future. I believe "Country Needs People". I believe it is important to secure Indigenous ranger jobs now and into the future. I believe it is important to secure Indigenous protected areas now and in the future.



As an elected member from the community/electorate of Wide Bay I will do my all to make sure the elected government in Australia will commit to increased funding for Indigenous land and sea management. I believe "Country Needs People". This is what indigenous people and supporters are calling for, I hear and support their voice. I therefore commit to:

  1. Double the number of Indigenous rangers over 10 years.

  2. Create a fund for ranger training, capacity building, networking, and infrastructure costs.

  3. Double the funding for the Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) program over four years. 

  4. Ensure equal employment opportunities for women rangers by 2030.