The great outdoors is meant to be enjoyed by all. A lot the political parties are trying restrict access to the general population. National Parks and State Forests were never meant to be “no go” areas but were to be developed to encourage people to visit, and to promote mental and physical health by furthering people’s understanding of that environment.

I support improved and expanded access to all public lands and waters in QLD as a means for all citizens to enjoy their cultural outdoor, sporting and recreational activities. Four-wheel driving, off-road motorcycling and camping are popular and legitimate recreations deserving of better support from the QLD government. QLD is home to some of the most diverse and appealing natural landscapes in the world, most of which is best explored by four-wheel drive and motorcycle vehicles.

Unfortunately, the ALP and the LNP have locked away public land and think about the implications later. Regrettably, vast areas of QLD National Parks and reserves have increasingly been made off-limits to many popular recreational and sporting activities. In line with my support for regional communities and economies, I believe that one of the most effective ways to grow regional communities in QLD is through recreational tourism. Access needs to be opened for people to visit these natural places and contribute to regional economies.



1. Greater access to public lands for all outdoor enthusiasts.

2. Free access to all areas and facilities within National Parks and State Forests for four-wheel driving and camping.

3. Support measures taken to ensure maintenance and value of our National Park and camping areas to catch and stop offenders damaging property, including greater funding for Clubs and Associations to support regular bush clean-up days.

4. More public advertising on education of those camping or driving on public land, State forests and National Parks.

5. Permit free use of appropriate beaches for recreational purposes including four-wheel driving.

6. Stop the unreasonable closure of tracks and parks and support the reopening of those closed without valid reason.

7. Support the creation of new tracks to encourage four-wheel drive and offroad drivers to QLD

8. Ensure the QLD Government better engage with four-wheel driving associations and National Parks on issues that relate to closures, gates and general driver training and safety education.

9. Establish a designated UHF channel for four-wheel drive tracks to ensure community safety and better accessibility.

10. Facilitate changes in legislation and policy to promote motorcycling in all forms including sport, recreation, adventuring and commuting.

11. Introduce recreational registration and insurance for off road motorcycles, motorcycle friendly crash barriers, and cheaper tolls for motorcyclists.

12. Support greater investment into infrastructure including jetties and boat ramps, Fish Aggregating Devices (FAD’s), artificial reefs, and shooting facilities.

13. Expand scout and guide movements in QLD to encourage more young people to participate and enjoy outdoor recreational activities.

14. Facilitate legislation to encourage the participation and development of fossicking across private and public lands.

15. Expand bow hunting opportunities across QLD and oppose any moves to require bows to be registered.

16. Increased funding to assist, encourage and facilitate youth outdoor recreational activity, particularly hunting, fishing, cycling, and camping.