The great outdoors is meant to be enjoyed by all. A lot the political parties are trying restrict access to the general population. National Parks, State horse riding and walking trails and State Forests were never meant to be “no go” areas but were to be developed to encourage people to visit, and to promote mental and physical health by furthering people’s understanding of that environment.

I support improved and expanded access to all public lands and waters in QLD as a means for all citizens to enjoy their cultural outdoor, sporting and recreational activities. Camping are popular and legitimate recreations. QLD is home to some of the most diverse and appealing natural landscapes in the world. I believe that one of the most effective ways to grow regional communities in QLD is through recreational tourism. Access needs to be opened for people to visit these natural places and contribute to regional economies.


1. I support walking and horse riding trails to continue to allow movement between States of Australia.

2. I Support measures taken to ensure maintenance and value of our National Park and camping areas to catch and stop offenders damaging property, including greater funding for Clubs and Associations to support regular bush clean-up days.

3. Expand scout and guide movements in QLD to encourage more young people to participate and enjoy outdoor recreational activities.

4. Facilitate legislation to encourage the participation and development of fossicking across private and public lands.

5. Increased funding to assist, encourage and facilitate youth outdoor recreational activities.