Council is one of the largest employer in our region. Council delivers a broad range of services and employment opportunities. Without these services, this region would struggle to survive or to attract and retain their local populations. Local Government represents grassroots democracy. It is the closest Government entity to citizens and best positioned to hear their concerns.



1. I will oppose any reduction of local employment in the Local Government sector. We will encourage an open, transparent and accountable Local Government sector underpinned by the core principles of democracy. The focus will be on recognising the value of local jobs and services, and continuing this model.

2. Oppose any future forced council amalgamations and continue to push for a plebiscite vote of community support for de-amalgamation.

3. Support increased investment and funding for Local Government infrastructure and projects, particularly in regional areas.

4. Support further measures and regulations to ensure accountability and transparency of local representatives, including meetings and developer material.

5. Campaign for Local and State Government to provide appropriate support services to assist the homeless and to address underlying issues leading to their homelessness.