How to Vote

I will not have any how to vote cards handed out at election.

I have NOT done any deal with any other Party, person or organisation.

I ask for your number one vote. I ask that you place a 1 beside my name. This way it gives me the best chance of being elected or to win.

People ask me who are you giving your preferences to if you don’t get elected or get knocked out?

The answer to that is, I give my or preference to no one.

After you give me a number 1 next to my name, YOU decide who you want to get in if I don't get elected and give them a number 2 next to their name. If they were to get knocked out give your next choice a number 3 after their name all the way down to number 8.

If you normally vote for a Party but are not happy with them and would like to give me a go, then put a 1 next to my name and a 2 next to your party, that way if I don't get in then you have not waisted your vote, as your next choice will get my votes.

This way the power is in YOUR hands and YOU decide who you want in if I don’t get elected.

I play zero part in your preferences, the power of choice is all yours, and this is the way it should be.

If elected how will I vote? I have clear policies listed on this website. That is how I will vote. I will not be bought by any Political Party!!!

My advice is take no ones how to vote cards. You decide how you will preference, that way the power is in your hands and not a political party.

It is compulsory preferential voting in QLD. Which means you have to number every box, other wise your vote will not count. 

Cheers Tim