This Federal Government have created hyper-inflation through their lack of responsible governance. We are in a very serious position regarding lack of affordable housing, lack of public housing, shortage of rental properties. This is leading to homelessness, self-harm and all forms of mental, social, financial and physical problems.

The Federal government at this point in time is taking no responsibility and no accountability, they are passing all responsibility on the State government. The problem is way too big for the State government. The Federal government need to step in and use the taxes and money raised by taxpayers to meet this very serious crisis.

The Federal government are allowing both foreigners and foreign owned investment firms and hedge funds to buy out the available high-priced homes. This is leading to a shortage of available homes and driving up the prices of those that come on the market. The Federal government have allowed deregulation of the financial sector. The banks at this stage have no accountability. This Federal government have thrown their hands up in the air and have handed all power to the banks who are running proceedings.  





There need to be an immediate pause of foreigners and foreign owned investment firms and hedge funds from buying Australian housing.

The next thing that the Federal government needs to do is step in and be the leaders that we elected them to be and be proactive in this crisis. The Federal Government already manages $247.8 billion in assets across six future funds. The Federal Government could easily divert $20 billion from the six future funds to meet this urgent crisis. $20 billion could deliver thirty thousand extra housing dwellings a year. Each year the money raised from future funds could be topped up to eventually provide fifty thousand new housing dwellings a year.