The forestry and timber industry has been an integral part of our Region for the past 100 years. It is an integral part for the region’s economic, social and employment sector. The industry employs almost 5% of the total employment sector. It has a direct value of almost $700 million. $180 million of the local gross regional product. To put it simply we need this industry and considering it has been part of our region’s history for over 100 years we need to be looking at it as an icon. There are grazing leases on the plantations which also brings considerable finance into our region. Past governments, both ALP and the Liberal National parties have made it harder for this industry to prosper and put back financially into our local community.




1. Balance is the key to any community or industry. My aim will be to support the industry whilst making sure our native flora and fauna are looked after.

2. I believe that the industry is doing a great job in meeting its obligation of looking after the native flora and fauna. It will be my aim to keep the public and media informed of the great job this industry is doing in this area.

3. I will be working with the industry to connect and insure local people are employed so they can put back into their local community.

4. It will be my aim to work with this industry to make it a long-term sustainable and profitable industry for our region. While working within government I will be driving policy to make sure they can function without the red and green tape of hinderances.