It is important to acknowledge the first Nation people and custodians or watchers of the land. I am a big believer in acknowledging and remembering our history. If we forget our history then we have no foundation to build on and can never move forward in the right direction. First nation culture is about connecting and belonging, in this case belonging and caring for the land. First nation people are not after ownership of all the land that is falsely spoken. First nation people are the custodians of the land. First nation people want to look after the land. The Crown at present can give you ownership of land, but that does not make a person a good custodian of the land. The problem we have at the moment is big foreign own companies are buying large portions of our land and are decimating it with large industrial farming practices. Australia like most countries was never suited for large industrial farming because of its climate.

I believe that past and present governments have ignored the real issues and have not respected the heritage and rights of first nation people. I believe governments past and present have violated first nation people for political gains.

There are a lot of myths that should be addressed through open public discussions. Australia as it is known today needs to find its true identity, this can only happen through much discussion and people initiated referendums. At the end of this process people need to vote what our country will look like, and then for us all to move on together. 



1. There needs to be a platform opened for first nation elders and representatives to address myths and concerns that have been defused and squashed over past generations by past governments. If elected I would give first nation people a voice. I would push for there to be a platform so they can voice their concerns in Parliament and through media communication outlets.


2. I would push for true first nation culture and language be taught in Primary and High Schools.

3. It is important that first nation communities have access to the most up to date medical care and education facilities.

4. Empowering the first nation people by empowering communities to run either rural pursuits, farming and/or small business pursuits would be my goal. Empowerment should be the emphasis and not government handouts which only demoralise a person or community.


5. “Self-empowerment and self-respect”, should be the key words instead of words like “government handouts” which are demoralising and belittling. Partnering with the first nation people instead of the mentality of handouts will go a long way in reconciliation and moving forward together.