To forget that our first Australians existed in this land first, is to not honour our past or heritage. I believe in a one Australia where everyone is treated the same and we do not discriminate on skin colour, ethnicity or whether you got here first or last as a new immigrant. That being said it is important that we recognise that we have aboriginal communities and individuals who have chosen to maintain stronger links to their past heritage and community values. It is important that we respect a person’s beliefs, values and cultural heritage. It is important that we honour our past and give acknowledgement where acknowledgement is due.



1. It is important that aboriginal people and aboriginal communities have access to the most up to date medical care and education.

2. Empowering the aboriginal people by granting land ownership for communities to run either rural pursuits, farming and/or small business pursuits. This would be a good initiative for the aboriginal people to gain freedom from government handouts which only demoralise a person or community.

3. Allowing more power to aboriginal elders in the decision making and judgement process will lead to self-empowerment and self-respect.

4. The allocation of money and grants for aboriginal people should be in collaboration and consultation with aboriginal elders and leaders. Things like issuing of blue cards and the disciplining processes should again be in collaboration and consultation with aboriginal elders and leaders.

5. “Self-empowerment and self-respect”, should be the key words instead of words like “handouts” which are demoralising and belittling. Partnering with the aboriginal people instead of the mentality of helping the aboriginal people will go a long way in reconciliation and succeeding together.