The Farming industry is critical to the economic and social growth of our Region. Farmers have not been allowed to farm productively and economically because of the red and green tape from the past governments both Labor and the Liberal National Party. More and more farmers are giving up because of the lack of support from the major parties.




1. QLD needs a right to farm policy like the one adopted by NSW. This will give the farmer the security to farm and not be subject to nuisance lawsuits or harassment from ‘activists’.

2. Drought assistance for farmers: • Grow State and Federal Government drought prevention programs and infrastructure like sheds, silos and stock fodder bunkers • Introduce legislated drought assistance by classifying drought as a natural disaster under emergency services legislation. • Reinstate freight subsidies for farmers. • Interest free unsecured loans for drought repair and prevention for farmers

3. Restore and strengthen private property rights, particularly for farmers.

4. Amend land acquisition legislation to provide further benefits and protection for property owners.

5. Stop environmental zoning of private land, including environmental restriction through biodiversity overlays and riparian zones unless full and just compensation is paid to the landowner.

6. Native vegetation reform must allow farmers to get on with the job of farming rather than burying them in unnecessary green tape and paperwork. Government needs to work with farmers on native vegetation management rather than against them.

7. Advocate for a strict public interest test to be satisfied before Government can take legal action against farmers for land clearing.

8. Creation of a Game and Fish Unit as a ‘one stop shop’ for all wild animal (terrestrial and water) interactions, recreational and commercial, thus streamlining enforcement, resource management, record keeping and research.

9. New initiatives and funding to encourage young farmers to continue to work in the agricultural sector.

10. Immediate review of foreign ownership of prime agricultural land.

11. Amend current National Parks and Wildlife legislation to enable kangaroos culled by famers or volunteer conservation hunters in non-commercial zones to be lawfully utilised rather than go to waste.

12. Campaign the Government to immediately introduce a state-wide water security plan, addressing flood mitigation, new dams, cloud seeding, and better management of flows.

13. Protect food security in QLD.

14. Campaign for tax breaks for farmers and primary producers.

15. Oppose any form of carbon tax.