Being a teacher myself I know firsthand the problems in the Education system. Education is a basic human right. Access to quality education is a collective responsibility between educational institutions, teachers, and Government. Our students will need to navigate the challenges of the 21st century such as globalisation, new technologies, migration, international competition and changing markets. What is key for our students thriving in this century is a proficiency in literacy and numeracy, as well as healthy personal development through outdoor recreational activities. I believe that trade and farming based learning and activities are paramount for our region.



1. Introduce legislation that would mandate a commitment to cover all the shortfalls in Federal Gonski funding with State funds.

2. Commitment to breaking down the competitive model that was created by ‘My School’ and have public schools work in unison rather than competition. Most teachers know that initiatives like NAPLAN that require a school to compete other schools for funding has never worked, nor was it ever going to.

3. Funding for a school should be on the basis needs, rather than how well is perceived to be performing.

4. Funding and support for schools who have a significant percentage of students failing to meet minimum standards in literacy and numeracy. Funding and support should be on the basis to identify strategies within their school plan that will be implemented over the 3-year cycle that will address the problem. Provide further support to schools who fail to meet these targets.

5. Support programs and initiatives that will challenge and broaden student perspectives on key issues that will affect them post school.

6. Support the development and expansion of the TAFE system and oppose any funding cuts.

7. I believe it is important to incorporate First Nation languages, culture an history into our curriculum. Teaching Australian children their true history and culture is very important to ensure we do not lose our true identity and cultural background.